Warning: This VN might be a little bit, uh, spicy. There's nothing explicit at all. However, I understand that some may not be too comfortable with the sensual stuff.


You're on your way to see your beloved skeleton. However, he seems to have a sultry surprise for you... [This is a one-off story, not connected to the DATING START! story.]

There's no meta-elements or deeper story here. This is purely fanservice.

Please note, this is a super short VN for Ren'Py Web testing purposes. I don't think I plan to expand on this anymore.


PC - v1.0.0 59 MB
MAC - v1.0.0 25 MB
LINUX - v1.0.0 32 MB


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still out of breath from playing this (died when the music started playing)

Anyways, amazing work! Had fun playing 

The moment I first heard it, I had to make something for it LOL  I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!


I knew it was a joke the moment I got to papyrus "special" scene (I did his first)

LOL I suppose the day it was released gives it away, too

Thank you for playing!


I thought it was going somewhere, anything would have been fine, really, BUT I GOT APRIL FOOLED AHHHHH. Amazing work by the way 

LOL the April was the Fools we made along the way (it's me, I'm Fools hahaha)

Thanks for playing!!


How cute <3 I enjoy playing it
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Um I was a bit unsure if I was gonna play this but I did and I don't regret it. I really like this game, I didn't think it would be that funny....and that special scene with Sans.. to be honest I'm kind of disappointed that it ended because I kind of wanted to see what would have happened. I really enjoyed the music and all in all it was amazing ∞/10 (One more thing, how much did you laugh while making this?)

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Thank you for playing it!  I'm glad you found it funny!  Oh gosh out of the 24 hours I spent making this.... I must have been laughing for at least 20 hours LOL  The last four hours were me from 1-4 am thinking "WHY AM I STILL UP??"

Honestly, I was just calling myself out the whole time XD

One day I may actually be serious and make one that's truly spicy. But this game was not that game hahaha


These were the most beautifulembarassing moments of my life...

But please, next time don't distroy my dreams XD


LOL XD Maybe one of these days I'll actually make one that's serious.

Thank you for playing!!  :D


No prob! Good time spent


Oh wow... it's been months since I've played dating start. and when I was surprised you made this one. No joke the end got me. I fricken lost it when the music started playing and sans called me out after I went for Papyrus. OMG XD Thanks for the laughs Cho XD


LOL Always happy to spread around some laughter!!  XD  The end got me, too.  Every time I heard the music while testing I thought, "Can I really go through with this and make this VN?  Of course I can!!"  As always, thank you for playing!!  :D

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 OMG, I took the bait. But I love it xD 

Heh heh heh, I'm glad you enjoyed it! >:3 Thank you for playing!


I am losing my shit! Oh my god!
Going from Dating Start! to this was certainly a whirlwind of emotions as I went from sappy and crying, to full out dying of laughter once that "Sansational" music hit during that "special" scene. Oh gosh that made me laugh so much!

LOL Oh yes Dating Start! to.... this mini-VN... would definitely be a heck of a jump ahahahah!!  Thanks for playing; I'm glad you had a good laugh!


I swear I was dying the moment this freaking music began to play XDD This is too good, thank you for doing this oh my god, best laugh I had today !

LOL Ahahahah good >:3 -plays Careless Whisperlovania louder-


Wow, that was way too explicit... it should be for +18 only, jesus christ oh lord forgive me because I have sinned

Ahahahaha whoops, some people did find it to go further than they expected!  But some people were surprised by the ending.  I wonder why.  :)


I was joking xd damn I totally fell for it xdxd 

oh lord i was scared of papyrus for a sec- im glad i chose snowdin- still very cute, great for something made in such little time


LOL Thank you! I’m glad you had fun! I couldn’t help but make a quick little thing for April Fools day XD

This is so great!! I can't believe this took less than 24 hours! It's short, but very cute!

Thank you! (Honestly, I was driven by the power of simping for those 24 hours LOL) I'm glad you liked it!!  :D

wow, that went farther than i was expecting

Yeah, it did get pretty uh, spicy. Sorry bout that ^^;


You got me you slick smart u

Heh heh heh >:)

I hope you enjoy using ren'py as well the web feature! Also you knew I was thirsty for sans didn't you! You know how to get me. 


Ren'Py will always be my VN engine of choice!  And honestly, I know how to get you because.... I am also thirsty for Sans LOL



Hehehehehheh >:3c  I’m glad! Even if it was a joke, I still had to toss a few crumbs over to my fellow Sans simps!





-also tem



Thank you for playing this, uh, whatever the heck this was XDDD



My name is Jax but--

I accidentally put JAz and now I can think of is " YoU lIkE JaZz?" 

LOL “YoU lIkE JaZz?????” Now Sans has to say that while Careless Whisper plays in the background with a REALLY loud saxophone. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!


I decided to play this game because I didn't think it was an actual joke-

I enjoyed it and was basically gonna poke fun at it lol


I legit laughed out loud when I was called thirsty. I lost my complete shit when careless whisperlovania started playing. Thank you for this little bit of happy today. It was sorely needed!

LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it!!  Let's be honest, a good majority of us (myself included) thirst for at least one of these skelebros if not both. XD  Thank you for playing!  :D


When I saw this new game I thought today was somehow Valentine's day oof.

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed it, all the choices are cute and interesting! I feel personally attacked for being called "thirsty" by Papyrus xDD I know he doesn't mean it the bad way, but still LMAO.

I laughed a little too much when Careless Whisperlovania started playing LOL. It was a weird mix of hotness and amusement, I laughed and squealed at the same time xD Again, I came to this game for Sans but Papyrus is adorable as well! Somehow I can feel his manly side now too...

Thank you for another enjoyable game!! I don't understand how this was made under 24 hours?! That's insane! Did you draw and code without resting :O

LOL I mean, the title and the subject matter might make it seem that way!!  And good feel called out ahahaha (let's be honest, I was calling myself out, too!!)  I honestly wanted everyone to be a confusing mixture of amused and flustered at the same time. XD

And honestly, I lean more towards Sans... but I wouldn't say no to Papyrus. ;)

Thank YOU for playing!  :DDD  Honestly, in those <24 hours I was driven by the power of pure SIMPING. I did take time to rest for a few hours though, don't worry!  Luckily I used Dating Start as a template. All that was left to do was throw together a story script, draw the pictures, and code it all together!


I can't stop listening to the Careless Whisperlovania on repeat. It's a godsend in this pile of sin I've dropped myself into. Yes, we're all thirsty here, Pap. We're all thirsty here. 

ALSO WHAT IN THE HELL?! YOU MADE THIS IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS??? Your dedication never ceases to amaze me. 

LOL I was driven by the power of SIMP, that's the only way I was able to push through XDDD Oh yes, we're all thirsty. EXTREMELY THIRSTY.

Thank you for playing! And I had to with the song. I heard it and thought FUNNY MEME TIME


People really love Sans, don't they.


OMG, I came prepared for this, but the music caught me off guard! And Papyrus is too damn cute for this.
I loved your art style. Even being a short game, I loved it! Thanks for this.


Ahahahah thank you so much for playing!!  I'm glad you had fun!  The music was the most important part to really sell this, let's be honest XD  I was lucky to find it.



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I laughed at the irony of actually having a glass of water next to me when playing the game and then later chocking on it when that scene with sans happened. When you said spicy, I really didn't think that you actually meant SPICY!!! Still very cute with the other option as well. And please, the music!!! Absolutely sent me.

God is Papyrus so cute too!!! Critical hit to my feels!

Anyways, amazing job with this little short and with the artwork too!

~ ~ ~ SPOILER ~ ~ ~

I honestly had the brief thought that when they leaned close to whisper in your ear, they were gonna say, "We've been trying to contact you regarding your car's extended warranty."

Sorry about the water ahahahaah!! Thank you for jumping aboard this... whatever this is lmaooo

And I'm glad you enjoyed it!! The music was the most important part, honestly XDD  I heard it and I knew... I MUST use this.

I had to tease just a bit, but you know... it's April Fools so I can't go ALL in. XD


aklsdjadsfkj OH NO I'm cackling!  But you know, that line would've been WAY too spicy, of course.  Car warranties?  Super spicy. XD


You're probably going to be super surprised to get a reply this quick but I have your notifications on and happened to check my email pretty much as soon as you uploaded this sdgjsdgj

Anyway this was honestly so fun; made my day. When the music came on and I heard it the first time (careless whisper mixed with megalovania????) I let out the most wild giggle. In fact, throughout the whole game I was blushing and giggling??? I would like to know how you managed to get me to do that aha. 

Honestly though, usually I'm solely a sans gal, but I played the Papyrus route and I'm super glad I did because the 'sultry "nyeh heh heh"' absolutely killed me. I'm dead.

The fact that you made this in under 24 hours is insane to me; I am beyond impressed. I look forward to anything you may upload in the future - of course, if you want this to be your last project that's completely fine! Whatever works for you :))

I'll stop this rant here though, so please enjoy your April fools and all days after!!

aksfdjklfsdj When I first heard that mashup and Careless Whisper and Megalovania I KNEW I had to use it. I'm flattered that you have me on notifications! Thank you!  ;n;  And thank you for playing this silly mini VN! And I'm glad you were enjoying the VN and getting flustered!  It means the VN did what it was supposed to do!  >:)

Also, who doesn't love a good sultry nyeh heh heh. o///o

I'll be honest, I was driving by the power of simping for those hours. I, uh, probably won't do anything like this ever again XD  But I thought it'd be a fun little challenge.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment! Have a happy April Foooooools!  >:3c


OMG, it was so funny... I was laughing all the way, especially at the "thirst" part... and the music LMAO ! For something made in 24 hours, I felt it in my soul haha ! And the art, well I loved it hahaha... 
I just had some problems with the music, it was laggy ? (I'm not sure of the english term for that ? Distorted ?) But maybe it was my web browser...


Ahahahaa I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I'll be honest, the power of simping got me through the 24 hours LOL

Also, it seems that Ren'Py web is still in beta, so there's some lag issues, unfortunately. Sorry about that!  :c  Thank you for letting me know!  It helps to figure out how to share my future projects!  :D