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this is it. this is the dream. thank you so much for making this! can't wait til it's finished!

Ahhhhhh thank you for taking the time to comment!!  :D  I'm so excited to show everyone once it's done!

im so hyped for the full game!

Ahhh thank you so much!! :D



I loved this so much! The dialogue was on. point. The fact you have accessibility options for everything is really thoughtful! The art was amazing, and everything in general is awesome!! (*^▽^*) I can't wait for the completed game! ^^ I'll wait for it for as long as I can until it's out >:33

Overall Rating: 11/10, would play over and over and over again!! :D

(P.S: I would have made a Twitch stream or Youtube video on my playthrough through the demo but I fear of messing up everything in audio so I didn't xD) 

(I have so many questions too but I won't voice them because people reading this might get spoiled xD)

(BTW I apologize for the long comment, I tend to go off-kilter with comments sometimes xD)



No no, please don't apologize for the long comment! It's absolutely appreciated; I was overjoyed reading it! It's so encouraging to me to know that there are people that like it so much! It makes me wanna work even harder to get this done!

Ahhh, I would have loved to see a playthrough, but I totally get worrying about audio!  The thought alone that you would have wanted to makes me happy!  ^^

Thank you again for taking the time to play the demo and to comment!


No problem!(*^▽^) 

Honestly, the original comment was WAY longer, but I didn't know if long comments were 'ok' with you yet so I just sort of... shortened it xD

Maybe I might make a playthrough if I get the time to, but that might be for a while.. twt Plus, my mic is terrible. xD I bet you would only hear my fan blowing in the background and static noise xDD

How's development going on the game, by the way? Make sure to take a break if you overwork yourself and drink plenty of water! Eat something if you need to! Take a nap! I dunno, just remember not to strain yourself! xD

(I really can't fathom making a visual novel as great as this, let alone a demo on my own! I barely know anything about game-making and coding, so it all seems bizzare to me.. Hmm.. Maybe I might give game-making a shot someday.

i really don't know xD)

And thank YOU for making this gosh darn masterpiece, you amazing person! ^^


Oh gosh, you're too kind! Shoot now I'm excited to read your comment for when the full VN comes out! XD No pressure to comment, of course! ^^;

Development is going well, thank you for asking! I'll go into a little more detail in my next devblog entry, but for the most part I'm almost done with Act 2 with a little bit of progress on Act 3! I took a break this weekend, just to rest up. But I'll be back on the grind again! I've got a quite a bit to go, but I'm getting there!

You should totally give game making a shot someday, if you want! ^^  And don't worry about not knowing anything! I'll let you in on a little secret: I always have, like, 15 tabs of RenPy documentation open when I'm working on the VN lol


Hehe, prepare for what will probably be at LEAST one full 1 page long comment of pure praise when the game is finished :PP 

Good to know you're doing well on the game, as well as mentally and physically! xD You keep doing that :3

Game development seems fun and I'd like to mess around a bit with code but online school cancels all my lockdown plans for boredom xD And I'll probably have like, x2 tabs more open than you while messing around because I know nothing XD

Anyway, maybe I'll make a small project soon when I get the chance..

But that's enough from me! :P Remember to stay determined >:33

I don't know what I expected going into this but I did not think it would be this good! I'm really looking forward to the release! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for creating this :)

Ahhhhhh, thank you for playing and for the encouraging words!  It means a lot! :D  I'm so glad you liked the demo!


._. I'm truly stunned. Never thought i'd see a dating sim 4 sans in my life span

Well, here it is, I guess? Ta-da?  ._.


Dream come true XD UwU


Hi Cho! Thank you again for making this demo! I love it. I love the writing, the art, the mechanics--it's great! I had a lot of fun playing it during the livestream. I've made a VOD recording of my playthrough: Twitch

I'm looking forward to seeing the final game. <3


Ahhhhhh Katy thank you so much again for playing it!!  And your words mean so much!  <3  It was so fun watching you playthrough it!  I actually rewatched some parts because I had a lot of fun seeing your reactions!  :D

If anyone  else is reading this, please watch Katy's playthrough and follow her on Twitch!

Sans Default Dance Undertale Dance GIF - SansDefaultDance ...

I AM proud of myself, DJ, you meme >:C

I meant it, cuz' I'm proud of you

but the internet is still a mistake

thank you ;n;
lol that's a fair statement


Undertale??? In my 2020??? More likely than you think. Time to live out my self-insert dreams from 2018.

LOL it's never too late, right?


excellent layout, dialogue, storyline and artwork. has a good feel of the original game. really appreciate the accessibility options. very very nicely done. looking forward to seeing the completed game


Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it!  :)